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We follow S.M.A.R.T goal structure:

- Specific -

- Measurable -

- Attainable -

- Relevant -

- Time-bound -


Short Term Gains

Build to Sell 

Fix and Flip

Long Term Gains

Fix to Rent

Buy and Hold

Build to Rent​

We Produce Value through Real Estate Investments

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Our Investments

New York - high appreciation market

North Eastern Pennsylvania - strong vacation/short term rental

South Western Florida - appreciation market supported by strong rental demand

We are constantly looking for new opportunities to invest and create value in markets, which are strategically located in land-lord friendly states, near major metro-areas with economic and job opportunities. Areas with positive net migration of working professionals and families who are looking to grow their nests in safe and useful ways. Finally markets that are still untapped, but poised to appreciate in value in the next 5 years. 

Daniel Rozengurtel - Founder

An entrepreneur with over 20 years of diverse background and experience in Technology, Finance and Real Estate markets. Daniel is a holder of both Computer Science (BS) and Master degrees in Finance (MS), combined with years of experience in Real Estate construction and renovation management, has amassed valuable knowledge of Structured and Public finance securities, Financial, Credit and cash-flow analysis, Operational and Enterprise Risk management.


Daniel has a strong understanding of Real Estate markets and economical drivers that affect them. His tech background enables great leverage over real estate data gathering, acquisition and integration into various analysis tools. He possesses an in-depth knowledge of multi-family lines of business as well as all aspects of deal structure, underwriting and long-term performance surveillance.

Daniel’s proven ability in leadership, project management and analytical thinking is an added value to any Real Estate project he undertakes. Truly an expert at developing strategies and implementing solutions to complex issues. Daniel is very skillful at building lasting relationships and cultivating partnerships across various lines of business.

Marble Surface

Our Team

We have a dedicated and talented team of professionals who help evaluate potential deals by analyzing:

  • the particular market conditions of the investment

  • its economical factors such as employment statistics, job and population growth factors, poverty and crime rates

  • housing price trends,  school district rating and potential market appreciation/depreciation

  • performing cash-flow analysis and modeling for risk mitigation strategies

  • researching best financing and ownership options

  • evaluating project's construction and management needs

and much more. Our team helps create value in Real Estate through data driven approach and smart investments.

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